At We the People High School students engage, investigate, and act on pressing problems and issues of our time. Coursework is project-based and cross-disciplinary, enabling students to make sense of the world around them.

We the People prepares ALL students for college by offering coursework that meets California’s A-G requirements. Our students will go on to careers in government, politics, advocacy, public policy, environmental science, law, international relations, the arts, and education.



grade 9: apprenticeship in the local context

We welcome our 9th grade students to We the People High School by focusing on our local community, our city through the following questions:

  • Who are “we the people” of Long Beach? Where did we come from and how did we get here? What are the different stories and histories of migration and immigration?

  • What problems and issues have we faced in the past and the present? What strategies can we use to solve problems in our city?

 Starting with the local and the personal, students will explore history, art, literature, media studies and environmental science through the lens of these overarching questions.

grade 10: apprenticeship in global thinking and action

In grade 10, students shift their focus from the local to the global.  Students will learn how to think about scale in Big History investigating problems and questions that span hundreds, thousands, and millions of years.  They read literature from around the world and learn about global movements for social and political change. Investigations in chemistry and Integrated Math 2 position students to use modeling and explanation to educate others about ocean acidification and strategies for cleaning our air.


grade 11: united states in the world

In grade 11, students explore U.S. history, literature, film and theater through in-depth study of our country’s history and present. Coursework apprentices students to make connections thematically and factually.  Students take critical stances in the disciplines to explain change over time, human/environment interaction, and use various tools and resources to educate and generate new ideas. Democracy in Action workshops will shift to interning outside of school in organizations working to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals. 

grade 12: me in the world - forging the path for my future

In the final year of high school, students will exercise more choice and decision-making both within and outside of school as they look ahead to college and career.  Students will have the opportunity to choose college-level courses in the sciences and the humanities.  They will use their time in advisory to work on college applications and essays, and will receive the full support of the college counselors and teaching staff in their college application process.  Students will choose the issues they want to work on and the organizations they want to work with. Students will graduate from We the People with a resume that reflects real work in the community, and projects that show their impact on Long Beach and the world.

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“All students have the right to an education tailored to their individual needs and that prepares them for life beyond high school.”