Our Mission

The mission of We the People High School is to empower the next generation of leaders with the knowledge, practice, and tools to radically change the world for the better.

What future are we preparing our students for?

We the People High School will prepare students for a future increasingly shaped by and reliant upon connection and collaboration across borders and oceans. Our nation and our planet require citizens who are adept at communicating with people of different races and cultures around the world, who leverage technology as a tool to advance human endeavors, and who actively work to lift the quality of life on earth for all. In short, we need citizens who believe they can change the world and have the tenacity and knowledge to do so. 

 What skills will they need to be successful in this future?

The motto of We the People is envision, design, create a better world. Living this motto means we will graduate students who know how to engage in problem identification as well as problem solution. Our graduates will seek out and value diverse perspectives, collaborate effectively and persist in the face of challenge. They will know how to access and critically appraise information, and then use what they learn responsibly and persuasively. They will continue to live an expanded civic life, belonging to groups virtually and locally. Our youth need and deserve an education that prepares them to act and think locally and globally, and to collaborate capably. 


Be the change

"What we must do now is enact change because that is what we do to things that fail: We change them."

— Lorenzo Prado, Student Activist


Why are we launching this school?

Students see how injustice and inequality play out in their own communities, families and schools every day. They accept human-caused climate change as a given, while political leaders continue to debate its existence; they consume media and news online, yet they are made to produce using paper and pencils in school; they curate their own identities and become storytellers through social media, yet those identities and stories are not the substance of their education. Our democracy depends on public schools graduating citizens with the skills, knowledge, and tools to upend systemic inequality and create a sustainable planet for our shared future.  Yet unpacking and understanding big societal problems is not the central curriculum of traditional public schools. By sidelining these topics and issues, students become passive and disengaged, especially those from historically underserved communities and schools in our city. This lack of attention to creating educated, opinionated citizens manifests itself in a dearth of diverse voices and perspectives informing the way we live, consume, create, and dream here in Long Beach and beyond. It perpetuates the inequalities and injustices that still plague us in the 21st century. We the People seeks to break this cycle by graduating citizens who are equipped to radically change our world for the better because they’ve practiced doing so throughout their high school careers.