Our School

We the People High School’s program of study positions students to engage, investigate, and act on pressing problems and issues of our time. Coursework is project-based and cross-disciplinary, enabling students to make sense of the world around them. We the People prepares all students for college, and for a career and life of active citizenship. Students who graduate from We the People will enter careers in government, politics, advocacy, public policy, environmental science, law, international relations, the arts, and education. All of these professions are key to advancing our democracy, and to forging a future for ourselves where more people can thrive.



We offer classes that you would expect in a good high school - math, English, history, science, spanish, art, and electives. What makes our instructional program unique is that all courses are project-based, meaning that students learn content and skills in a course, and then apply what they learned to a project that has real-world relevance. We the People also uses curricular materials that aren’t typically integrated into traditional school curricula, such as the United Nation’s 17 Global Goals for sustainability, and curricula on community organizing and environmentalism.


Throughout their four years, students will participate in advisory once or twice per week. Advisory is a place for students to develop meaningful relationships with each other and with a caring adult, providing a safe space for the development of empathy, understanding, and emotional maturity. Advisory will be communications-based, developing students’ capacity to speak and advocate for themselves and to practice deliberation and debate. Advisory provides an additional vehicle for personalization, enabling students to explore content and topics that are of interest to them.

democracy in action

Three times a year, students get to step out of their regular class schedule for an immersion course. These courses run for a week in the fall and spring, and for 3 weeks in January. During these times, students can take courses in topics that interest them, such as Activism 101, or Poetics for Social Change, or Water Politics in Southern California. These immersion courses will be developed with student interests in mind and take place within and outside of school in partnership with business, non-profit, environmental and local government. In their junior and senior year, students will have opportunities to do meaningful internships in local organizations.

exhibitions of learning

Twice a year at the end of each semester, We the People High School becomes a place where the community comes to learn from students about their work, their projects, and the work of active citizenship. Exhibitions of learning enable students to tie together all that they’ve learned in ways that teach, communicate, and amplify their voices. Teachers and partner organizations will work with students to curate this culmination of learning. Exhibitions will happen outside of regular school hours so that families and community members can attend.